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Welcome to the Vikings Wiki

Vikings is your one-stop-shop for all things libre.

  • We sell and service a carefully curated list of freedom-respecting computers and devices that are made to work well with FLOSS software.
  • We operate a libre-friendly hosting platform and provide customized solutions for your hosting needs.

This community-driven wiki provides documentation about

  • Vikings hardware and software sold at the Vikings Store, for example the Talos II and Vikings Secure Laptops;
  • Optimization and howtos concerning OpenPOWER / coreboot, flashing instructions and tips and tricks around libre-friendly hardware.
  • The Vikings hosting platform;

How this wiki works

Someone with basic knowledge of a topic should be able to quickly follow the instructions provided; sort of the easiest way to achieve a goal in an exemplary manner. It shouldn't be about explaining things down to the smallest detail. This is also a great way to start a new article and then improve and expand over time.

Everyone is welcome to edit and add new contributions

Registration is required to keep vandalism to a minimum. Registrations can be anonymous. You only need to provide the following:

  1. username – your login handle
  2. real name – can be anything, really. E.g. your IRC handle if you have that, or the username you chose above - it doesn't have to be your real name
  3. valid email address – your login password will be sent to this address

Computer Hardware

Computers, devices and accessories available from the Vikings Store

Laptop Computers





This Wiki

  • ToDo List – task list for work on this wiki
  • Tip & Tricks – relatively random info on optimization and maintenance of this wiki
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